Jul 30, 2009


Alright, I may have found a silver shadow that doesn't turn ashy gray on me!!

Silver Fog by MAC is a loose shadow that is borderline shimmer...ALMOST glitterly. But the high pigments allow the color to sit well and not turn into this gross mosh of a gray.
This look is accomplished by concentrating the silver in the center of your eyes - I know it's natural to want to put it in the inner corners, but for a brighter-eyed look that isn't so in-yo-face, this can work. I also applied it on the lower inner corners of my eyes, how weird would it look if I applied it in the center as well?

whoa, pictures of just my eyes are weirding me out! it's like i'm looking into your soul. YOUR SOUL IS MINE.

Surround the silver with a dark brown or black and lightly blend. Make sure not to over-blend!

For a quick and dirty way to get your stupid grown-out bangs out of your face, literally twist your bangs back, gathering more hair as your descend down. Pull back in a messy bun for the "I know my hair sucks today but really, who are you to judge me?" look.

this pictures makes me look like i have a protruding vain in my head. haha.

Making dinner tonight for a friend of mine & me...stay tuned for recipes & food porn!


  1. Love that color eyeshadow on you!! Can't wait for the food porn!!

  2. I love how it has a hint of shimmer, very pretty.

  3. gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous GORGEOUS!!!!!!!! gorgeous :)

  4. Amazing eyeshadow color, gorgeous!

  5. gorgeous!!! i love it!

    i've been wearing my hair like that lately too! right now in fact! hahahaha!

  6. gorgeous as always!!!

  7. so good at blending! i'm guilty of overblending -> muddiness.

    wish i could do my hair like that. i have a crazy hairline with tons of baby hair. =(

  8. I really like that shadow!
    Very pretty. =)

  9. AWESOME shadow. every time i try and blend i always end up just muddling all my colors up. i guess that's "overblending" :P

  10. Haha, can't wait for the food porn! Sounds like a great night in :) It's so hard for me to wear silver without looking exhausted, you pull it off really well ... I'm going to steal a few tips, haha. Hope you have a great weekend :)

  11. This look is awesome. Good blending too. A tip is to use a small brush that's more on the dense side and use really short strokes to blend. Glad this worked out!


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