Jul 22, 2009

My Goodies, My Goodies, Not My Goodies

My fellow Vietnamese, but looks "Filipino Slut", Phi-Style, listed out her current make-up goodies, which made me think, I always generalize what I use (e.g. use a brown eyeshadow and liquid liner) and let's be real, that doesn't help anyone! Since I change my make-up day-to-day and it would be nearly impossible to list everything I use, I decided to list my staples - things I use everyday, all day. As you'll see, I mix in brands, from department store brands to drug store brands. I'd like to consider myself as an equal opportunist. I always love seeing everyone's make-up bag, drawer, case, satchel, whatever you carry your make-up in. If you have any reviews or recommendations, please leave a comment!

Facial Cleansers: Dr. Wexler Exfoliating Cleanser // CVS Oil-Free Make Up Remover

alright, let's be real, i LOVE CVS. i mean, i spend a lot of time & money there. and they have the BEST generic products, from make-up removers to toners to body wash, i see no difference in the generic CVS brand and their costly counterparts (i'm talking about you neutrogena!) dr. wexler products are great for acne and anti-aging - it's better to prevent than treat and a lot of her lines carry treatment for both and can be found at your local Bath & Body Works.

Moisturizers: Murad Oil Control Mattier w/SPF 15

this moisturizer is a lifesaver. i have VERY oily skin, i'm talking by the time i put on my make-up and leave my house, i need to use an oil blotter sheet. i know, i'm so attractive, especially because i leave the used oil sheets in my car and am always embarrassed when guests ride with me. (i shove them in my glove compartment) nothing is sexier than seeing a woman's face grease! this moisturizer (with SPF so i know it's good for me) can be found online at murad's site or even at certain Bath & Body Works.

Concealers: Kat Von D Tattoo Concealer (Medium) // MAC Select Cover Up (NC30) // Sephora Concealer Palette
since i have discoloration on my chin (gotta love acne scars, w00t teenage acne!), i use a mixture of 50/50 kat von d's tattoo concealer, which is quite heavy, with mac's select coverage that is lighter in consistency. i love sephora's concealer quad for spots and under-eye coverage (using the salmon for under-eye bags). kat von d & sephora can be found at...sephora (shocker) and mac can be found at...mac stores and nordstrom.

Powder: MAC Studio Fix Pressed Powder (NC35) //
Sonia Kashuk Barely There Loose Powder (Flesh)

i've been using MAC's studio fix for the past...i don't know, 10 years? so i'm an absolutely loyalist, but because it's been so hot as of late, i've been exploring with loose powders to avoid looking overly made-up and cakey. enter sonia kashuk's barely there loose powder. if you're not looking for heavy (or really ANY) coverage, this is perfect for setting foundations/concealers, and at $9 a pop, can't really go wrong. sonia kashuk can be found at your local targets! w00t tar-jay. btw, use the MAC pressed powder with a round brush, don't use the sponge applicator unless you're looking for FULL (e.g. cakey) coverage.

Eyes: NYC Liquid Liner (Jet Black) // MAC Eye Shadow (Era) - not shown -//Maybelline Lash Stylist (Black) // Shu Uemera Eyelash Curler
the four things i need in order to look halfway decent include liquid liner, a taupe eyeshadow to sweep across my lids, an eyelash curler and mascara. being asian, it's almost a necessity to curl my eyelashes and maybelline's lash stylist is perfect for being light-weight comb that is able to find the little lashes that i have. of course you guys have seen how obsessed i am with liquid liner, and surprisingly, NYC holds up with the rest of them, and at $2 a pop, if you hate it, you won't feel bad tossing it. however, i do warn that you should NOT layer the liquid liner OR mascara, as they will flake. you're better off taking it off with make-up remover first and starting over again if you want to touch up. p.s. the reason why Mac's Era isn't shown is because it would show up as a BLACK eye shadow when i publish...anyway, it's taupe!

Cheeks: Nars Blush (Silvana// Angelika // Taj Mahal)
i know, i know, everyone LOVES Nars' Orgasm or Deep Throat, i do too! in fact, i have both of them...but i can't help but love these three babies too. not at the same time though! i usually pair up Nars Silvana with one of the two more intense colors. using Silvana where my cheeks sink in when i suck 'em in, and highlighting my cheek bones with one of the two other blushes. the great thing about angelika and taj mahal is that you need VERY little as they're highly pigmented...which almost means if you use too much you could looking clownish.

Lips: Sonia Kashuk (Precious) // Co Bigelow Mentha Lip Gloss // Lip Smackers (Way-Out Watermelon)

i collect lip glosses, i mean entire CASES full of lip glosses. is there a lip gloss anonymous? but in the end i revert to the good 'ol stand-by's of co bigelow's mentha lip glosses (that not only never dry out your lips but also freshen your breath) and lip smackers lip gloss - seriously, how old am i? 12. perhaps, but it brings me back to my younger days of bliss, and with sparkles, it's great for summery fun. i just tried out sonia kashuk's lip glosses, and they're actually pretty good. sheer in color, it's perfect for a little tint.

I always love seeing everyone's make-up bag, drawer, case, satchel, whatever you carry your make-up in. If you have any reviews or recommendations, please leave a comment!


  1. good set you got here! i'm a fan of costco's brand kirkland makeup wipes. i love that it comes in bulk, perfect for my kit and own supply. also jordana's $2 felt tip liquid liner is the bomb too. i'll have to try the nyc one. thanks!

  2. i always love to see what people use and your list is so good...i'm gonna use it as a shopping list. i covet to the fullest my shu uemura eyelash curler. best 20 bucks i ever spent!

  3. What do you mean by "Filipino Slut"? I saw phi-style's blog and she didn't say anything about being a FILIPINO slut. Is that an insult, because you didn't clarify it in your blog as a harmless joke. You could look like a Vietnamese slut, why use Filipino, when you're not even Filipino?

  4. OMG at Anonymous. HAHA! To clarify, in a previous post, someone in my comments said that i looked like a "typical cheapy Filipino slut" (or something to that effect). I replied that since I was not Filipino, that a more accurate description was "Vietnamese slut."

    I'm quite sure that Steph intended no offense to anyone, Vietnamese or Filipino. =)

    And YAY for makeup lists! I also always have a CO Bigelow lipgloss with me - in my purse as well as in my makeup drawer. Forgot to list it though. I had also been using Studio Fix (NC40 or C4) for the past....8 years or so? I agree, it's been so hot this summer that I couldn't stand that much coverage, hence trying out the Mineralize. I'll most likely switch back to Studio Fix in the winter though.

  5. I love the Dr. Murad stuff...I use the exfoliator and it's unreal. You should definitely try it...AHA with Lactic Acid.

  6. "When you move to Ohio, you can start over!"
    "I know! I don't have to be the quiet, shy girl if I don't want to."
    "What are you going to be then?"
    "...I'll be a slut!"

    Almost 2 years have gone by and I'm still the same. fAIL!

  7. awww man!!!! I was going to ask you if you wanted to do a beauty rituals guest post on my blog, you beat me to it! lol

    ...maybe in a month or so:)

    I LOVE reading about what people use!

  8. question about the murad lotion review, so, do you mean that you STILL need a blotting sheet after the lotion? i have really heinously oily skin also (need blotting sheet as soon as i get in the car in the mornings) so if this lotion is as matte-fying as you say it is, i'm buying a whole case. does your skin stay matte the entire day?


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