Jul 23, 2009

Lost Camera + Apology

So I went out last night and totally lost my camera.

That's what happens when you drink shots in the double-digit range. TRUST ME, I'm paying for it now...especially since I threw up at work. Way to stay classy. So now I have to go figure out where the hell the camera is.

ALSO, apologies for the non-pc reference of "Filipino slut." To make a long story short, somebody commented on Phi-Style's blog saying she looked like a "typical cheap Filipino slut" which we ALL found hilarious because 1. What's a "typical cheap Filipino slut"? and 2. She's not Filipino and 3. She's neither cheap nor slutty. Her clothes and make-up are quite expensive in fact. As she mentioned in her comment (see my previous post), the more accurate term would be "Vietnamese slut." And since she reminded me of this incident, I just took it one-step further to mention it on mine...because of the randomness & hilarity. But to be clear! Filipinos are not cheap or slutty! They are upstanding citizens and I should know, I'm dating one!

And it WAS a harmless joke, but I apologize if I offended ANYONE of any race or sluttiness. Honestly, I figured since I linked the joke, you guys would read the post about it...but if I was unclear and offended Filipinos, I do sincerely apologize. I kinda also figured you guys understood my sense of humor (or lack there of apparently!)

And I AM Vietnamese, but not a slut.

And since we're on the topic:


  1. aw. i know how that feels. i had to blame my lost camera on someone else to make me feel better. did not work..although getting a new camera did!

    i must have missed that last post...i had to go back and click all the links to make sure i knew what was going on. no offense taken. i'm filipino (not a slut) and married to a viet (he's not a slut either).

    love your blog!

  2. HAHAHA, that receipt. And you're so sweet to clear that Filipino comment up. I'm not Filipino (I'm Korean...Asian pride! haha) but I don't know if some Filipinos would have been offended. That sucks about your camera. I hope you find it soon!

  3. The cheque sounds funny !!

    Grt..just enjoyed it


  4. hahahahah!

    hope you feel better soon...have some french fries!

  5. aww, sorry about your camera! fresh fruits and juice should help too! a fig grower on npr said that figs can help with hangovers.

  6. Yikes feel better. Well I hope anyone who took offense doesn't read your blog anymore b/c who needs such humourless people reading it anyways?!

  7. LOL. Upstanding citizens indeed.

    This is what happens when you try to incorporate humor into a fashion blog. =((( We just can't help it that we're funny!

  8. Oh no, I hope you find your cameara & I reallly hope you are feeling better by now <3

  9. sluts are cheap in singapore! esp considering those are singapore dollars!

  10. no offense taken! i totally gave you the benefit of the doubt because you don't seem like you'd say something like that seriously.


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