Aug 13, 2012

Change Up

Lately on AskPhivy I've been getting quite a few health/diet/exercise questions and while I'm on my kick to be healthier and be better both inside and out, I thought I'd switch up my blog a little!

So for the next few...I don't know how long...depends on how much you guys like this...I'll make my blog more of a Tumblr-style place, focusing on my diet*, exercise, and little health tid-bits I learn. (*By "diet," I don't mean a restricted diet, I just mean food intake in the general sense).  Updates may be more in real-time versus daily posts, I'll even do some on the go and I'll have multiple posts per day.  I'm hoping that blogging about what choices I make helps me keep ME accountable and maybe inspires readers/friends to be a little healthier.

I'll try to focus on what I've been eating, what exercises I'm doing, etc.  I figured no one wants to see that on Twitter or Instagram, so this might be the next best thing.  I'll include pictures and maybe some relevant info (like calories if I know it).  I'll also post when I cheat, what I do when I do cheat, and what my favorite cheating food is (hint: it will always be Del Taco, haha).

As always, feel free to e-mail me or ask me a question on AskPhivy or even provide your own tip here!  I haven't figured out how to answer questions on the comment section of this site, LOL.   I'll also try to do more fashion posts, maybe even workout clothes!  I have so much workout clothes (2 dresser drawers worth...)

So let's get it!

So today's morning "run" was much more of a walk quite honestly - I was tired, Dallas was tired, and so we took a 2.42 walk around the neighborhood.  According to my MapMyRun app, I burned 246 calories...not bad for 6:45am.

Before heading into the office, I stopped by Ralph's to pick up some groceries for my breakfast.  My issue is by the time I get back from my morning run/walk, I have to rush to get ready for work, then I'm STARVING by the time I'm in the office, normally eating my lunch as breakfast.  I figured if I'd keep 2 different cereals, some milk, and some yogurt IN the office, it'll help me from always going hungry and even if I forget to pack my lunch, I'll still be able to eat something.

I googled "healthiest cereals" because I was pretty sure that I'd be making the WRONG decision going in that crazy cereal aisle and seeing such deliciousness like Fruit Loops and Frosted Flakes.  I got 2 different cereals to keep me from getting sick of my breakfast: Kashi Go Lean Crunch and Honey Nut Cheerios.  Okay, Honey Nut Cheerios did NOT make the list of the healthiest cereals, but Kashi did!  With 9g of protein and 8g of fiber, it packs the most filling punch.  Calories-wise, it's average with 200 calories per serving (1 cup).  I did a little less than a cup and poured about 1/3 of cup of Silk Organic Unsweetened milk and added 1/2 a banana:
I also can't live without my morning coffee.  I drink about 2-3 cups of coffee (black - no cream, no sugar, no milk) each morning.  I also make sure to fill this tumbler with water every 2-3 hours with ice water:

I think I'll start doing daily weigh-ins...or depending on how much I weigh, maybe I won't. HA.

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  1. I like Kashi too! I'd also recommend something for those who want something less sweet, such as Dorset Cereals' Muesli. Marshall's/TJ Maxx rarely has it, but Whole Foods sells it too:


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