Aug 24, 2012

Guilty as Charged

On tiring days (and when Ryan gets his way), we order pizza from a local pizza joint. He literally asked me, "If I order it, will you eat it?" (because there have been times where I just want to smell it and then try to eat something else), lol. Hey, you gotta live a little!
oh come on, you KNOW that looks damn good.
Surprisingly, it was the glass of wine that put me over my caloric intake. Also worth it! So two interesting things about the below picture:

  1. "Be" - this new (I guess?) wine brand that I've discovered at my local Ralph's store is amazing. Regular price it's $6...on sale it's as low as $3.99. SAY WHAAT? I'll be honest, I've only tried the Pinot Grigio - not their red wines. I will when it turns Fall and I want something warmer.
  2. Those weird "spoon" things are actually wine chillers that I received for my birthday from my director. You keep those in the freezer since they take up very little space and when you need to chill a bottle of white wine, you plop them in the glass. It chills the wine in about 2-3 minutes! I don't know the exact temperature, but cold enough and it doesn't dilute the wine!

If you're wondering if I'm still doing MyFitnessPal, I definitely am - and yes, I did input those my dinner and saw that I was in the negative. Surprisingly, my carb-intake was still under, but look at that fat intake! Oopsies.

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