Aug 21, 2012

Half & Half

I shrunk this shirt and am pretty bummed because buttoned up, it's a bit snug, but because of the ruffles, it looks ridiculous unbuttoned. Figured I could do half-and-half and belt it to make it look more "put together." On Tuesdays I have early-morning status meetings so always am scrambling to do my hair and makeup...a top bun + headband is an easy way to get my hair out of my face!

ralph lauren shirt, lululemon leggings, wanted oxfords, f21 belt


  1. Ooo what a great way to use a shrunken shirt! So hip!
    (Is Dallas your photographer now? She's so good!)

  2. That's a great idea for laundry mistakes! And I need to get oxfords like those - mine are heeled and, though adorable, are not as comfy as being on the ground :)


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