Aug 23, 2012

Up, But Lazy

Lately I've been the queen of snoozing...not like 10-15 minutes snoozing...more like an HOUR of snoozing. I normally don't, so I'm unsure if I'm just falling into a bad habit or what. But because of the constant snoozing, I'm waking up later, going running/walking later, and then going into work later. Like 10am! That is just too late, so my goal is to break the habit of snoozing. This morning I did better...I only snoozed for 15 minutes, but the funny thing was - even though I was awake, I was tired! You know, not sleepy, just lazy.

I opted out of a run today and just walked Dallas around the block for 15 minutes. Hey, at least I got out there, right? It was only for 15 minutes and I only burned 44 calories. To give you perspective, the one glass of soy chocolate milk I had before I left for work was 90 calories.
Dallas is always ready for a walk! (And so are my Uggs and warm ups, lol.)
Speaking of which, it's kind of crazy thinking about how many (or few) calories we actually burn per workout. Monitoring these types of things really does put things into context. Ryan's cousin (who is trying to lose weight) will often go the donut store...and then buy said donut and walk back! Trust me, the amount of calories burned is not even close the amount of calories that donut has. But hey, I'm just happy that he's walking there!

The point is - just get out there, even if it's for a Sunday-stroll type walk. Get some fresh air, clear your head before your day begins with the 1,000 emails you know are waiting for you in your inbox.

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  1. When I was going to bootcamp, I felt this fatigue after a while and after discussing my diet, my trainer said I wasn't consuming enough carbs. Perhaps this is the case for you?

    1. Hmm, good point! I've been decreasing my carb intake by A LOT. I wonder if my body is trying to adjust? Although...I totally ate pizza last night, LOL.


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