Aug 30, 2012


LBD = Little Brown Dallas, lol.

Love this dress from Zara - I think it was literally only $30, and it's perfect for when the weather is weird - warm, but still cold in the office or cools down in the evening. Plus the zipper in the back is a nice added detail.

If you guys live near Santa Monica, I just checked out the store "DB Shoes" on the Third Street Promenade (Ryan and I figured it stood for douchebag shoes), but apparently it's Department Brand Shoes. They have a pretty decent selection, but the best part is that most shoes are 50% - 70% off! I got these shoes for $24.50. Not bad for suede wedges. Because of my short legs, I'm sticking to "under-the-ankle" booties from now on. Booties that hit my ankle or higher just cuts my legs into thirds.

zara black dress (similar one here), f21 belt (similar one here), f21 necklace, refresh booties (similar - but more expensive version - here)

I opted for doubling my eyeliner instead of heavy eyeshadow. The black liner is a combination of Maybelline Eye Studio Master in Black and NYC Liquid Liner in Black and the upper teal is Make Up For Ever Aqua Liquid Liner in Turquoise Blue.

Some bonus pictures! In case you're wondering why my hair looks weird, my hair was still wet when taking these pictures...though in photos, it just looks like I have any oily head, haha.

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  1. Two great LBDs!! haha. I bet you know which one i like more!


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