Aug 28, 2012

High on a Hill

I just bought 2 new skirts from Nordstrom Rack (one for $20 and one for $5!), so that got me to thinking, "Man, I have a lot of skirts that I just don't wear," so I felt like I should take advantage of the warmer-than-normal SoCal weather we've been having and start wearing them to work! I like that a button-down shirt with a little structure counters the flowiness of the skirt.
martin + osa shirt, anthropologie skirt, club monaco belt, zara heels

I've been so bad at exercising the past 3 days - I've had a constant headache and the last thing I want to do is make it go into a full-fledged migraine so I've been taking it easy. But because of my lack of exercises, I've been much more cognizant of my eating habits (as I'm eating a full bagel). Thanks to all of the readers who have been super supportive! :)


  1. Need some Dallas in your fashun pics! She would have been a GREAT GOAT.

  2. The print of the skirt is DIVINE!


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