Aug 24, 2012

Tied Up

In an interest of being cool and up with all of things Pinterest, I bought two of my Fall essentials: leopard print flats and a denim (chambray) shirt. You know what I'm confused about? What people consider chambray or denim? Is there a difference? Is chambray a specific kind of denim? I thought it was a thinner version? I'm so unhip with it.

To make things super uncomfortable in the LA office, I made my coworker take my blog photos in the mail room with my phone, teehee.
f21 denim shirt, h&m maxi dress, f21 flats

Then of course, to make things EVEN worse, I posed like:
And he caught:
Coworkers are awesome.


  1. LOL! Nice photo finish.

    Wow, this is another outfit that would look good on you and make me look like a...well you know. haha.

  2. I always though chambray was more of a softer, thinner version of denim? When I think denim I think the thick jeans material. I DUNNO.

    Cute outfit, btw :)

  3. Luv the outfit, looking good!!!


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