Aug 16, 2012

Food Diary

And THIS is the reason why I'm trying to make better decisions. Not only do I have input every single piece of my meal, but it then tallies the caloric intake + nutritional value. On top of that, my friends on this app can see my diary...I know they're judging!

I hate that my juice is 173 calories, but I juice it myself and know there's no sugars or other fillers/substitute nutrients in it.  Made this picture extra-large so you can definitely see it:

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  1. what app is this? it's not myfitness app, is it? mine doesn't look like that. this one looks a lot better...

    1. @Eri - It is MyFitnessPal app, but they have a correlating website ( that I go to when I'm at work. It's easier to use and look through than the app itself. But I still input my food (especially when scanning barcodes) through my phone. Hope that helps!

    2. ahh! thanks! i've never actually gone on the website! i'll go do that now. :)

  2. lol GENERIC carrots and nectarine!

    Yep, this is myfitnesspal. Not a screenshot from the app (so small), but from the full site on a computer.

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