May 19, 2009

Amber is the Color of Your Energy

Whoa oh...
HA! Now you have that song stuck in your head!

So I asked for help in deciding what other color schemes I should try out, and MizzJ mentioned coppers. I thought that was a great idea, until I started messing around with those tones and realized that they weren't showing up as I wished they would. I think this turned out more amber and gold than copper, but I'll definitely keep trying!

So EVERYONE in Hollywood is rocking side-buns and braids this summer, and I have to admit, it look SUPER cute and "effortless." But I have stick-straight hair, and looking this "effortless" actually takes a lot of effort! Anytime I tried twisting my thin, straight hair, it looked more like a croissant than a bun. Hrm.

Here's the quick 5-step process - First rule: Work with "Day 2" hair (unwashed)
1. Curl hair with 1" curling iron in spirals to add waves & body (I did not curl my ends)
2. Split your hair to the side, and gather your bangs (or the front layers) and start braiding
3. Doing a one-sided french braid, continue to gather your hair on the side framing your face, but not towards the back of your hair.
4. Holding the braid, gather all of your hair to the side
5. Bun it up! I tied it into a pony tail, wrapped the ends around it, and put another tie around it. I also clipped the bun closer to my hair, so that it didn't pop out too far. Since I have layers, a lot of loose ends stick out, but I like that look.

The result? Not too bad! I think the main difference is that I don't have any highlights, so you can't see the definition or waves, as you would with lighter brunettes or blondes.

This is my one and only vest - brown plaid makes it easy to go with any white tank, shirt, or button-down. I'm looking for other vests, but I have a hard time because my back is so long, that the vests end up looking like crop tops. Haha. This is super easy to dress up or down, depending on how you pair it up.

*Oh yeah, scam alert!*
I currently live in a 3br /2bath apartment, but one of my roommates is moving out so I've been on the hunt to find a replacement. There have been several potentials, it's just a long process with the applications and credit checks, and the rest of the protocols required by my landlord. I also found out that there are a lot of scammers out there - who reply to your Craig's List posting, saying they're from out of the country, looking for a room to rent, and will pay the deposit and rent through money orders, wires, transfers, etc. and through some shady business, will end up jipping the landlord and tenants. I'm really glad my sister looked it up, because I think I was caught in the middle of one!
This girl had very poor English (which would normally be fine), but something in her emails caught me off-guard, which triggered my sister to do a little research on scammers, and it turns out that some common things to look out in scammer emails are: having bad english, relying on "uncles" or "relatives" for the money, being from a foreign country, and using the payphone to transfer funds.
We just found this to be odd because we would normally assume the scammers would be the ones who are renting the apartment, not the ones who are looking to rent. Just beware when trying to find a roommate or place to live.


  1. "HA! Now you have that song stuck in your head!"

    AHAHAHAH that's EXACTLY what i thought the instant i read the title!

  2. you are so so cute. i love your freckles and how you do your eye makeup. do a tutorial!

    And my lipcolor is NYX lipstick in Snow White. i just got it at one of those 50% off sales so it was like $2 or less and surprisingly, it's really easy to wear! it's a deep red w/ blue undertones so it's not orange or garish at all. my other favorite red lip is Nars velvet lip pencil in Cruella. it's a little more drying than the NYX, but it stays on forever.

  3. haha croissant.

    Good idea with the Craigslist PSA!

  4. your hair and makekup are gorgeous!!!

    I have such a hard time with braiding my hair!

  5. Your hair look fantastic as does the eye makeup!

  6. Your hair is amazing! How did you do it?!

  7. You are totally gorgeous! I love your braid tutorial & the pics are so pretty! Your eye makeup is stunning!

  8. Oh la la. Totally diggin' the braided headband look. I think I will attempt it tomorrow. I get so fussy with do hairdos. But I'll try it at least once! :)

  9. Ooh I love your hair! I so want to try this, except my hair is also stick straight and ultra slippery! I swear, it would take me an hour to do that look :(

    Hmm I see what you mean about the copper! What shade(s) did you use? I use this palette by Lancome CremePowder in Creme Lustre/Bambou/Coqille/Tendre Lumiere to achieve a more copper look. I still think yours looks great though!

  10. love the hair. i will most def have to try when i'm in hawaii.

  11. yay!! The braid looks awesome!

  12. you look adorable as always!! i love how your eyeliner is so thin. i usually go for the thicker eyeliner for the baby doll look...but i haven't mastered the thin!

    i've been rocking the braid and sidebun forever! i love that style! especially since it gets monotonous in a ponytail all day!

  13. Great tips...i'm going to try the side braid for myself!

  14. love the hair! am going to have to try it out soon.

  15. your eye makeup and hair is so gorgeous!! my lines are never straight! :)

  16. I m loving ur eye make-up and great hairdo! Awesome outfits as well!! This is my 1st visit to ur blog and i enjoy every posts! <3


  17. OMG! Those braids are the one Ive been dying to master!!! I cannot do it as fabulous as you do :(
    Arggh I must try and try and try and try AGAIN!

    And be careful on those scammers, If you have time head over to to play with us for Monday Matters.

    Hope to hear form you!


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