May 20, 2009

Dirty Pop

So Ryan & I visit our chiropractor about once a month to get our backs and necks aligned, mostly because he gets sore and out of whack due to basketball and I just have chronic stiffness in my neck. It's really great - only takes a few minutes and really alleviates a lot of the stress in my neck and back area. While getting my back aligned, it literally sounded like someone was making popcorn. POP POP POP POP! Ryan gasped in horror, "Was that her BACK?" Which made the chiropractor and me laugh uncontrollably.
It definitely looks more violent than it is.

We then grabbed a bite to eat at a local cafe, Koffee Kart - it was decked out in old surfing photos, definitely captured the vibe of the local beaches.

We also quickly stopped by the pier, since it was so beautiful out.
As you can tell, it was VERY windy and VERY sunny!

And guess what I saw while looking down...

Someone brought their UGGS to the beach! Is it me or is that just contradictory? An oxymoron? Hypocritical? If it's warm enough to be sunbathing at the beach, I think that calls for your Uggs to be put away in your winter closet.

I decided to try a dark plum color with gold accents today (perhaps in celebration of the LA Lakers). To make the colors pop (popping seems to the theme of this post, hence the post title), I dampened my eyeshadow brushes to really pack on the colors - especially the gold, since it tends to get lost in my skintone.
I haven't done a make-up tutorial yet, but maybe I'll try one out this weekend when I have more time to take the pictures during the step-by-step process. This look is really simple - I used 3 eyeshadow colors: gold, plum, and taupe.

Making sure to lightly damp your brushes with water or Visine:
1. Pack the gold in the inner corners to the middle of your eyes
2. Shade the middle, outer corners, and crease with the plum shadow, deepening as you go out (you could even use a black shadow on the outer corners as well)
3. Use a blending brush to blend the plum color up and out (not too high or too far!) - you can use the taupe here so that the plum isn't boxy and it provides a more gradual look
4. Don't over-blend where the plum meets the gold - it can look muddy
5. Line your eyes and add mascara!

Feel free to ask me any questions if the above makes no sense! As always, I *love* suggestions on any color schemes or looks you'd like to see me try! Hopefully I can make it adaptable and easy for us to try!


  1. Why didn't you title this post "My Neck, My Back" like I suggested?! Rude!


  2. i love going to the chiropractor! i have one of those hypo active backs so i can pop pop pop pop my whole back by myself. i know it not great but geez it feels so good!

    totally digging your eye shawdow! how intense was that game yesterday! my cousins and i are trying to get everyone together and get a suite for the next game. oh, did i ever tell how pretty your smile is! =D

    and i'm telling you girl...there are definitely chicks out there that just want to go after the taken ones. they want to test their skills or see how far they can get. its really annoying. i really think they thrive on the drama and the chase to like boost their own egos.

    thanks for the support girl! i think she did get the point though. lol

  3. BOO Lakers! So sad for the Rockets.

    I don't know if you have any Ulta's around you, but in Houston, you can buy some of the NYX stuff there. I ordered mine when they were having a 50% off promotion off of the NYX website ( They also have it at

    The quality is ok - some of the colors I have are better than others. I think MAC quality is more consistently better, but for the price for NYX eyeshadows/lipsticks, you can't beat it. It's better than most drugstore brands.

  4. omg i could never go to a chiropractor. i hate having anything crack and even hearing people crack their knuckles gives me the heebie jeebies. lol. your makeup on the other hand is awesome. i actually love that color combo.

  5. I've been wanting to visit a Chiropractor but I am kinda scared. I tried the braid thingy but my braid kinda looked wack!!! Imma try again tomorrow. :) Pretty eyes btw. I'm diggin' the shimmers of gold.

  6. I love the picture of you two by the pier. You look gorgeous! And the makeup is great. Subtle but very very pretty.

  7. Im gonna attemp that look when i get home tonight xoxox


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