May 26, 2009

California Dreamin'

Sorry I've been so MIA guys! How was your Memorial Day weekend? We were lucky enough to have a 4-day weekend, which turned out to be the most amazing weekend to kick off the summer!

On Friday I went to Paradise Cove, a reclusive beach in Malibu. It was my first time in Malibu (can you believe that?), as I always gravitate towards OC beaches (Newport, Laguna, Huntington, etc.), but I have to admit, Malibu was absolutely beautiful.
rockin' the braid & side-bun again -- a great hairdo for the beach!

Unfortunately, after I left the beach, I either had a heat stroke or got sun sick as I had a monster of a headache and slept from 7pm to 8am! 13-hours! Much to my relief, I did feel better the next morning.

On Saturday, a best friend of mine invited me to brunch at Rose Cafe in Venice. The restaurant was extremely cute and quaint - with an airy outdoor patio filled with orchids and other luscious plants.

my delicious birthday cake: strawberry shortcake.

one of my best friends, Nikki.

It was the weekend...time to have a little fun with my make-up! I added a little splash of color, but I didn't want to look like I came straight out of the 80's, so I applied a bold teal shadow on the bottom lash line - from the middle of my eye to the outer corners. Neutrals everywhere else helped the color stand alone without being overpowered.

This strapless linen dress is definitely my new go-to summer dress, it's from F21, and cost me a whole $13. The belt ended up costing more from Martin + Osa. Haha.

On Sunday, Ryan and a few friends of ours went sailing - I'll be posting pictures of that shortly. So stay tuned!


  1. cute dress! be careful of the sun, bring a hat or umbrella next time and sunbathe like me =)

  2. Love this whole blog! :D

    Much love chicka,

  3. strawberry shortcake is my favorite! YUM! love the dress, actually posted about it a while back. such a bargain. but where did you get the shoes? love 'em!

  4. ooo yes, martin+osa. I like them too! Great photos. You're a cutie ;)

  5. hello gorgeous,
    yes i think u should def. do a make up tutorial!

  6. Love that dress! Thank God for F21 and their reasonable price points! Leaves a girl with some extra cash to buy extra things like shoes and purses! :)

  7. love the dress
    who are the shoes by??

  8. Shoes are from Martin + Osa, they're on sale for less than $100!

  9. ahhh, i love the beach! :) great pictures and gotta love F21 and their affordable fashionable finds!

    looking forward to reading more :)

  10. I love Paradise Cove, especially the clam chowder bowl with grilled cheese sandwich. I also love your dress!

  11. ahh i love malibu, i need to hit the beach soon! there's this cafe there that's really good. and your outfit looks cute! love the color.

    i find it funny that both our bf's name is ryan!haha.

  12. too cute! and I just did a green shadow on the bottom lash line today! love the pop of color.

  13. AW thank you so much girl! My posts usually aren't so depressing, but your kind words lifted me up and made me feel not so alone!

    I love Paradise Cove in Malibu! HOW FUN! Looks like a great weekend.
    And I'm in love with your little blue dress! GORG!

  14. you look so pretty in all of these photos! linen strapless dress sounds like total win. heatstroke does not.

    have you gone to crescent bay? that has to be my favorite beach...PCH and cliff (not too far past crystal cove promenade) in a residential area!

  15. blue looks perfect on you!especially the blue make up so cute!

    have a great day!
    visit me sometime!

  16. I love this post! Awesome hairdo, beautiful beach pics, pretty dress & a very happy birthday!!!

  17. Ok, first of all, how friggen cute are you?!?!? You look incredible! I love the bikini! Thank you for your comment about me and my fiance. We really appreciate that.

  18. how fun!! you are absolutely adorable!! the hair is perfect with the outfit and your glasses are fabulous!

  19. it is so gorgeous there!

    I love your hair/makeup/outfit!!!

    happy birthday:)

  20. Did you buy this dress from f21 recently? I have a similar belt and the baby blue looks really cute with that. I can't seem to find it! Thanks!


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