May 28, 2009

Who Me? I'm Tagged!

This reminds me of the old myspace and even current facebook days (add me on FB, if you want), when we would pass on quizzes, tag people, etc. Mayra of Life is Bananas tagged little ol me and since I love to both read & do them, here. we. go! I added pictures to most of the answers, in case you didn't feel like reading.

what is your current obsession?

_nautical clothing, specifically blazers (obviously caught the sailing bug!)
_nail polishes
_summer hairdos

what is your weirdest obsesson?
_it's basketball playoff season, and my favorite song they play is "cha cha slide" that goes "everybody clap your hands..." the reason why is because it reminds me of this fantastic McDonald's commercial, i even do his home. whether someone is watching or not.

Starbucks or Peet's?

_eep, I'm going to have to go with Coffee Bean, but my latest craze is McDonald's McCafe! they're only like $2 for a large!

what's for dinner?
_lady kogi korean bbq & sake in culver city

what would you eat for your last meal?

_ryan & i are obsessed with pizza, and you know who makes great pizza? the entire state of ny!

what was the last thing you bought?

_nyc nailpolish from cvs - they were 50% off! that means their normal nailpolish was now $0.50 and their better polishes were only $1. i bought 5!

what are you listening to right now?
_as you guys may know, i work in the gaming expertise team, and a part of our day includes lots and lots of rounds of halo 3. we often play against one another or online, right now 2 of my colleagues are playing an intense slayer match so i can hear them yelling, screaming, cursing, and cheering. i'm also on pandora with my earbuds to drown out the sound.

what is your favorite ice cream flavor?

_nestle's drumsticks, in original vanilla. it has everything you could want in an ice cream cone - all in one!

what do you think of the person(s) who tagged you?
_mayra has an incredible sense of interior design style that i envy and is so creative when it comes to DIY projects. her pieces of inspirations actually inspire me to re-do my apartment, and she's just a doll.

if you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would you go?
_i want to go to hawaii or mexico - somewhere tropical where i can really kick off the summer and get a massage!

which language do you want to learn?
_i really wish i knew how to speak vietnamese fluently, since i can speak it horribly; also maybe learn tagalog so that ryan's family loves me. haha.

what's your favorite quote (for now)?
_ugh, i'm such a sucker! "you are my life now." from twilight.

please don't kill me, but when i read that, i swooned.

what is your favorite colour?
_coral and teal - they're definitely the ultimate summer colors

what is your favorite piece of clothing in your own wardrobe?
_wifebeaters, i wear them all the time - under things, over things, or by themselves. i just buy regular fruit of the loom men's ribbed tanks at target. i love the length and how they rarely stretch out.

what is your dream job?
_well i love advertising, so one day i hope to be an exec of a leading ad agency. or like a model. haha just kidding. but not really, okay i am.

what is your worst habit?
_i don't know if this counts as a habit, but i totally have no control over the loudness of my voice; it's something i'm working on...although i have been asked if i'm deaf in one ear cause i talk so loud. *sigh*
_also, i use a lot of you may or may not have noticed

if you had £100 now, what would you spend it on?
_a new blazer! or maybe just go crazy at F21, do you know how much stuff we could buy there with that much money?

do you admire any one's style?
_celebrities: nicole richie, jessica alba, cameron diaz - they're all so cool and casual, but always look so well put-together

_bloggers: phi style & cupcakes and cashmere always look fab

describe your personal style?
_california casual, jeans and a shirt type of a girl. i focus on my hair & make-up to avoid like a total shlump.

what are you going to do after this?
_do some work! and edit some pics for my next blog post.

what are your favourite movies?

_oh geez, these are the movies that i could watch over and over again: sound of music, team america (haha), addams family, best in show, scary movie 2...hrm, i just realize i like really dumb comedies. lol

what is your favorite fruit?
_lychee, watermelon, and pears.

what inspires you?
_my industry, random artwork i find, along with my fellow bloggers!

your favorite book?
_glass castle, twilight series, dan brown books

do you collect something?
_i collect a lot of make-up and nailpolishes, but nothing really cool

what is your favorite smell?
_ryan's cologne

what are you most proud of?
_that i paid my way through college by holding 2 jobs...and graduated summa cum laude. holler.

what are 5 beauty products you couldn't live without?
_eyelash curler
_lip balm / lip gloss

_make-up remover

cats or dogs?
our late dog, robin, aka: bean bong

Alright! I'm breaking the rules, instead of 8 people, I'm only tagging 5:

here are the rules:
1. respond and rework; answer the question on your blog, replace one question that you dislike with a question of your invention, add more one question of your own.
2. tag eight other people


  1. you're tagged again cus i just awarded you with something on my blog! hehe! ;P

  2. aw you're so sweet. great answers! i love learning more about you. ps. the twilight quote had me swooing too. but then anything edward said did. lol.

    happy friday dahling!


  3. you and your twilight! haha.

    here's mine!

  4. Oh how fun! thanks for the tag, will do it this week sometime.

  5. fun answers!

    your job sounds amazing!

  6. i promise i'll get to it when my brain is functioning again!


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