May 9, 2009

H&H + Sailor Moon

Since it was so beautiful today, Ryan and I went to The Grove and Hollywood & Highland. I haven't been to H&H during the day in over a year, and guess who we saw?

BUBBLE BEE from Transformers!
This guy had the most amazing costume, I really wanted to take a picture with him but didn't have any cash to tip, so I snuck one in.

We also grabbed our favorite desserts! Ryan had Beard Papa cream puffs, and I had a caramel apple from Rocky Mountain, both were amazing as usual.

Last week, Ryan and I discovered what could be our new favorite store: Martin + Osa. We've always past by it in Century City but never thought to go inside; to our surprise, they had great clothes at reasonable prices. I would compare them to a less expensive J.Crew - except their clothes actually look new! (In case you haven't seen the latest J.Crew styles, all of their clothes have a "vintage" look to them, and I just can't stand for paying $80 for worn shirt.) The skirt and shirt are both from Martin + Osa, and Ryan has dubbed it my Sailor Moon outfit.

I also thought it would be fun if Ryan did a quick photoshoot of his own. He normally doesn't wear undershirts out, but the shirt he had been wearing got pooped on by a bird! He had to take it off, and ended up tossing it.

Ryan's not a fan of taking pictures, so when I asked him to pose, this is what he did:
Lol, gotta love it.

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  1. what a fantastic day you two had! Except for ryan getting pooped on, haha.

    aww, bumblebee!


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