May 13, 2009

Manic Monday, I mean Wednesday

Wednesdays are usually the busiest for me: I have a weekly internal meeting, and since it's the middle of the week, everyone tries to make sure everything is done by the Friday. Unexpected projects are welcomed, but at the same time dreaded, you know what I mean? Mondays everyone is still groggy, so practically no work gets done, then Tuesday it starts ramping up, Wednesdays are hectic-crazy days, then it slowly winds down for the weekend. What are your weeks like?

Ah, better lighting, no? The sun has finally come home to SoCal, I hope it keeps up!

This is my lavender / purple look. My make-up is definitely based on the outfit that I wear, I don't necessarily have to MATCH, but I do like to coordinate. I'm not sure if that's a faux pas or not.

Today's look is something I've worn before but not sure if it looks right - black dress shorts, black tights, and a simple tee. I work in a super casual environment, and since I'm the only female, I take it upon myself to make sure I look the best! Haha. I got this shirt on sale at Martin + Osa for $10! They're having a huge additional 30% off on their sale items, I might have to go back. I got these cute wedges I'll have to show you guys. I've been dying to get them for awhile, and they too were on sale. Score!

Happy Hump Day everyone! That's just weird to read and say, isn't it?


  1. love your hair!!! great casual outfit too. you look fabulous!

    its funny weds are your busiest ...and my slowest days. i sit and twiddle my thumbs sometimes (just kidding i wish i did)

  2. nice make up! and i like your heels with that outfit :)

  3. ah! you're gorgeous!!! love the hair/makeup/outfit!! and great blog :)

  4. It's just another manic monday (oh-oo-oh)
    I wish it was Sunday! (ooh-oo-ohh)


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