May 21, 2009

Berry Cool

Hey, have I mentioned how lame I am? I'm not quite sure why I insist on titling my posts with unnecessary puns. Berry cool? Ha! I crack myself up. Get it? Because today I'm wearing a berry lipgloss ( maybe it would have been actually cool, if I hadn't pointed that out...)

Anyway, I love PhiStyle's lip color, a lot. I don't just like it, I like-like it. But I haven't had a chance to purchase any of her recommended colors, so I just slathered whatever I could find to make my own berry color. It's not as rich or deep as I'd like it to be, but hey, a splash of color is always a nice change of pace.

Muted eyeshadows help emphasize my lips - so neutrals was key. This look is even easier than yesterday's look - and similiar in steps:

1. I used a pearl / iradescent cream as a base all over the lid
2. Apply white or pearl shadow on the inner corners and center of your eyes
3. Emphasize your eyes' shape with a dark, matte brown on the outer corners and creases (make sure it's matte, or else it's shimmer galore)
4. Blend up and out - you can use a taupe or just blend the brown shadow itself
5. Line & mascara!

Btw, the lipgloss I'm using is MAC's Pop Mode. A tip I have for lining eyes (specifically with liquid eyeliner, like I use), is to curl your eyelashes first. For some reason it allows me to get closer to the lash line AND helps me get a thinner line. Beware that the liquid could get on your eyelashes so it takes a few tries to get used to. Since my favorite Bonjour eyeliner was discontinued at Sephora, I tried out NYC's liquid liner, and it works surprisingly well! (Plus it's super cheap) The long bristles help reach behind the curled lashes and gets really close to the lash line.

For any Family Guy fans, this post title reminds me of:


  1. Nice post title -_- lol. I like the color that you made, berrry niiiice!

    And your "like-like" reminded me of Butters.

  2. You are totally not lame!! Where would I be without my punned titles???! BTW- that berry gloss is BERRY PRETTY!

  3. HA i love family guy. that is berry awesome!!!

  4. ahahah lol are adorable ..and not lame! Family Guy rocks .. .. .um ...also, YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL! love those berry lips!!!

  5. Hey, I'm likin' your blog! That color looks good on you. I'm digging berry lips for the summer. Will stop by again!

  6. NYX goes on sale alot on their site or at Makes it even cheaper!

    The Vanilla Serum isn't sticky. It goes on better when I rub in btwm my palms and then scrunch it in. Love the stuff!

  7. Pretty lip color! Berrys are awesome :)

  8. PUNS MUST DIEEEE but i'll let you slide because you're cute.

    the bold lip looks great on you!

  9. WOW those lips are poppin!
    I am not so sure if I can pull that off but you definitely did!

  10. that lip color looks really good on you! =)


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