May 12, 2009

Bathroom Lighting

I left my camera at my friend's place and had to pick it up on the way to work. As a result, I couldn't take any pictures in natural lighting, I had to use *gasp* BATHROOM lighting. How terrible is that?! I swear, my pictures just get worse because of the foggy mornings and florescent lighting. I'll buy a better camera with better flash and lenses (when I can afford to do so!) Does anyone know why bathroom lighting is so terrible?

I tried to take pictures of my make-up to show a really cool pink / purple combo I tried out today, but the lighting was so bad, there wasn't any point in posting it. I'll try to post it tonight when I'm away from my arch-nemisis: florescent lighting.

Really the purple eyeshadow was just to compliment my purple blouse and jeans. I'm pretty lucky that our dress attire in the office is so casual, I'm not sure what I would wear besides jeans!

Here's the trouble with long hair - you can't wash it everyday because it dries out the ends, but within a day or two the roots can get pretty oily (gross), so you may notice I alternate between down hairstyles and updos. I find that with unwashed hair (a day or two) holds better for ponytails, and my recently-washed hair works better for when I want my hair down.

A trick I learned when teasing your roots (and you want more height) is to use a round bristle brush, not a comb. (p.s. don't mind the red rubberband! i usually have to double-up my hair ties to really secure the ponytail)

What are your favorite tricks / tips for styling your hair?

Last night, we went to my friends' place, who made an amazing filet mignon, their daughter, Lydia, is so cute! And here's Ryan pushing her around in her little car:


  1. hello dahling! thanks for the message on my blog! xoxo. i think your photos turned out great!

    i wish i had better tips for my hair but this girl just washes, towel dries and puts it in a bun.... however i know there's always ...dry shampoo? for the day old hair (which does hold better) but if it gets a little oily it does the trick.

    just checked out your blog and i definitely love it! you are definitely a beautiful gal!

  2. Cute top!

    Lol, Lydia's expression in the first photo cracks me up.

  3. Cool you work in the videogame industry? You don't look like a nerd hahaha, I kid only b/c I too work in a techy industry. I like your hair and that top is super cute!

    Btw, thanks for visiting my blog :)

  4. Oooh always loved that hairstyle but never tried it!! And long hair does suck sometimes.. mine gets oily if I don't wash it everyday, hence the dry ends lol. And how cute is the baby!

  5. Okay, you are so cute... Love your style throughout all the photos! Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting! I love finding new blogs to read.

  6. Hey thanks for the link! I added you to mine :) Omg yeah XMen is so awesome, but I was kinda meh about the latest movie - they changed the storyline so much!

  7. you are so cute, I love your hair!!


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