May 11, 2009

Cloudy Monday

Happy Monday! Not really...who enjoys Mondays? Unless it's a 3-day weekend, which unfortunately, it's not.

Since today was a bit cloudier and I couldn't decide what to wear, I just grabbed a 3/4-sleeved jacket and flat boots. I haven't decided if I actually LIKE flat boots. My girlfriend can't live without them, but I have shorter legs and feel like it just accentuates my stoutness.

With all the clouds, the lighting has been terrible, so I apologize for the quality of the pictures. Ryan's going to let me borrow his fancy camera, so hopefully they turn out better. Also, I apologize if I look like, I'm booty-tootin' in the second picture, I have no idea how it turned out that way!

I was also feeling lazy, so I did my make-up horribly today.

Tonight we'll be visiting our good friends for dinner - filet mignon tonight! Can't say no to that! I also finished the first Twilight, and saw the movie. I agree with the consensus - movie didn't do the book any justice. To prove how uninterested Ryan was in the movie, at the end I said, "You can be my Edward," and he replied with "Who's Edward?"


  1. you are so cute! love the plaid shirt on you.

    thanks for visitng my blog! will add you to my links! :)

  2. thanks for adding me tiffany! love your blog! :)


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