May 18, 2009

Big Teal Sitting Hood*

Hey guys, I need a favor! I'm going to need your help with suggestions on how to do my make-up - or at least different color schemes. I tend to revert back to my normal violets and neutrals, but if there's something you guys want to see me try out, I'm definitely open to ideas (or "idears" as my mom would say). Lol. Comment and let me know!

To brighten up my ho-hum Monday, I used the brightest teal I could find in my palette and applied it to the center of my lids, used a bright shimmer for the inner corners, and a dark brown on the outer corners. I made sure NOT to over-blend because then I'd look like splattered mud on my eyes.

Today has been a complete BLAH of a Monday. I have the case of the Monday blues, but the good news is that we get this Friday AND next Monday off in observance of Memorial Day! A few of my friends are going to Joshua Tree to camp, but Ryan works on Friday and Saturday, so we'll see if we make it out. Honestly? I just finished paying all of my bills, so all I want to do is relax (and maybe cry...)

*Disclosure: My sister, Christine (seen above), came up with this title for this post, because she happened to be wearing an entire outfit of teal. And her red Crocs. ::shivers:: those Crocs...the bane of my existence...

I hope you're having a brighter Monday!


  1. Ooh I love the teal, it's such a great pop of colour! hmm as for ideas, what about some coppers or more greens?

  2. I adore teal! I feel like it looks good on a lot of complections.

  3. ooh, thank you for the link <3 i will add you back right away. i also just started, so it's nice to meet you :)

  4. gorgeous! i just love your makeup!

  5. i like the vivid teal color!!


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