May 11, 2009

OC Sunday

Every time it's beautiful outside, I long for Orange County. Don't get me wrong, LA is great, but I was born and raised in OC and beautiful days always make me want to go back home. It was a bit of a bust, since the two main reasons why I went to OC turned out to 1. flake and 2. be closed. But the silver lining was that I was able to revisit the old Anaheim house I grew up in. This is where my fondest childhood memories stem from and it was great to see the house in immaculate condition.

Since we drove an hour south, we figured we might as well hang out there for the day. We visited the Irvine Spectrum, bought tickets to see Star Trek in IMAX, but an hour before the showing, the line was around the building! We decided against it.

On the weekends, I tend to be a little daresy with my make-up, so I went with a teal and dark-blue combo. Not really something I would normally do, considering I have such an olive complexion, but it was sunny, and the weekend, so why not!


  1. Everytime it's ugly outside over here, I long for Orange County, lol. Your old house is so cute!

  2. you have freckles like me! i love it!! so cute!

  3. Aww you're so pretty!! I love the colors of your eyeshadow, do you ever post tutorials on how to recreate your FOTD?

  4. I grew up in Yorba Linda and totally miss it too:)


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