May 14, 2009

Prison Break

You may recognize this shirt from my previous post, but hey, if I can't re-wear a shirt, then why bother buying it, right? :) For awhile I had an fondness* of black and white striped shirts, tanks, any tops really. It got to the point where when I was moving, Ryan helped me pack and unpacked and laid out all of my black and white striped garments. It literally took up 1/3 of the tops I wore. I've sadly given most of them away and this is the first striped shirt I bought in awhile, and I must say, I may have sparked up my old love.

*see: obessed
I'm wearing my trusty Chucks, thanks to Kelly who reminded me about how fantastic these classics are!

Initially, I wanted to wear black liquid liner with bright red lips with this outfit, until I remembered that my MAC Ruby Woo lipstick actually fell out of its container and is totally missing! WTH, how did that even happen? No marks in my purse, no trace of it whatsoever.

I may have over-blended my white and black eyeshadow, creating a gray / silver look. The problem I have about grays and silvers is that it tends to look ashy on my yellow skin tone. Do you guys know a solution for that?

Also, back to my other post about what to do on day 2 of unwashed hair - I still haven't figured it out!

As I mentioned, Martin + Osa is having a great additional 30% off on their sale items, and scored my new summer wedges. Check it out and let me know what you think!

I love how the heel narrows down so it's not so bulky, not to mention the detailing.

Btw, on a side note, I am super honored and SO grateful for all of the visits and comments from my fellow-bloggers thus far! Thank you so much for visiting my site, you guys are definitely an inspiration.


  1. love your blog and your simple style
    very cute
    i've linked u =)
    come by

  2. Lookin' cool! So far i've only worn one of the stripey shirts that you've given's the loose one. haha.

  3. You have a rockin' site!! I love your style (I am a major fan of converse), your makeup & 2 day old hair!

    I love the layering of silver, etc. I would say to try Chanel's 4 pack eyeshadows in Smokey Eye- the colors are so heavily pigmented that they don't really have a bad interaction w/ skin tones. Also, instead of straight up gray, try a blueish would look great on you!

  4. Good choice Beauty File! =) I'll have to check that out and do a posting!


  5. you look so cute!!!

    I love those shoes!

    I went to Esperanza:)

    I lived in downtown Fullerton for 5 years....(Harbor and Wilshire) such a fun place!

  6. girl ....thats my kind of outfit! stripes, jeans , chucks! i could totally see you with some eyeliner and red lips because thats what i would do!! great outfit!!

  7. hi steph! thanks for visiting my blog today. glad i could make you laugh. loving your style btw. it's simple, sweet and classic! gotta love good ol' chucks! also i envy anyone who can do their hair so cute. kudos.


  8. your makeup is always so pretty! i'm like retarded at eyemakeup. like this "outer-V" business? my outer-V always ends up like like a big smudge, but i guess that look ok too. =P

    have you tried an eyeshadow base (like UDPP)? i tend to just stay away from silvers in general b/c i agree, it looks weird on skin tone like ours. but using a base might help?

  9. I have a hard time w/ lip color too! I'm not one of those people who can change their lipstick colors. I think it's b/c my lips are so pigmented on their own so it's hard to layer a different color on top. My natural color is like a red, so I usually try to find a color that matches that - like a "your own color but better."

    Right now i really like Laura Mercier Lip Kisses in Heatwave. It's a sheer red, but w/ a slightly berry tint. I also like MAC's slimshine in Lovey-Dove. For gloss, I like Bath and Body Works mentha lipshine in 1138 (or whatever the reddish/brown color is).

    I want to try a nude lip, but I always end up looking like a corpse.

  10. I love those shoes! Seriously love them!!

    I'm not generally a stripes girl, but I bought a prison break shirt at the end of last year and wear the heck out of it.

  11. I love the outfit. I seem to also have a growing collection of stripey ts dressed and jumpers! Where they appear from who knows xxxx

  12. I LOOOOVE my chucks. I have them in black and white!


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