May 9, 2009

Sunny Saturday

Haven't gotten dressed yet, but did decide to do my make-up and hair. It's always funny being dolled up from the neck up, but lounging around in pajamas.

This is a classic way to do your make-up on the weekends or even during the week. Dark browns on outer corners and crease compliment the light white inwards; I like to line my eyes with liquid eyeliner, making to sure go thicker towards the outer corners of my eyes and sweep up with a little tail. Minimum bronzer with a light blush on top tends to be the perfect combo for looking flushed AND sunkissed.

We haven't decided what to do this weekend, it's too beautiful to stay in, so we'll see where we end up. I definitely want to see Star Trek, but I'm not looking forward to the lines or crowded theaters. While I was trying to take these photos, one of Rye's dogs kept looking at me like I was crazy, so I took a picture of Miss Sydney Bristow, who just received a bath from me. Next time I'll take a picture of Poncho, our other dog - who looks the exact opposite of Sydney.


  1. Lol, so seductive in the 2nd pic! Man, I wish I had the patience to style my hair. I like your hair a lot a lot.

    I can't wait to see pics of Poncho!...even though he tried to bite my head off!

  2. This dog is so stinkin' cute! What kind... Part schnauzer by chance?


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