May 29, 2009

May Gray

May gray and June gloom are probably the saddest months of the year in SoCal - when overcast hangs over our heads and only sometimes burns off for a real summer day. But as they say, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

The funny story about this camisole is that when I bought it from UO, it was actually a romper! I had no idea until I tried putting it on, and realized it had shorts attached. Unfortunately, it didn't fit and I had major CT:
How embarrassing! So I just cut the middle of the shorts, and now it's an actual tank!

In Inglewood there's a F21-ish store called Zizibeh, it's similar to a Style Xpress, or any other "boutique" that sells clothes at great prices...I'm pretty obsessed with that store, but it's very hit-or-miss. I got lucky and scored this high-waisted gray skirt for about $15.

Zizibeh skirt, UO tank (used to be a romper)
Gray shoes are Jessica Simpson, bought at Marshalls ($40!)
Woot, my mom is in town from Cbus, Ohio, and I'm going to (hopefully) beat traffic to visit her for dinner in Orange County. Since she's particular about my make-up ("Not too much okay? I don't want people to only see your make-up") I went with a light combo of green & gray. I took inspiration from my cami:

This look in 5 steps:
1. Apply a light green in the center on your eyelids (where the ball of your eye is)
2. Apply gray on the inner & outer corners, as well as above the green shadow in the center
3. Add gray under eyes on the outer corners with the same green on the inner corners
4. Add a darker gray or black to the outer corners of your eyes; reapply the green in the middle if necessary
5. Line, curl your eyelashes, and mascara!

Also, last night I had Koji's for the first time - it's like the newest craze in LA. Basically it's korean bbq in a taco. Haha. Sounds so weird to me, but actually pretty good. Koji's is known for their taco truck, but they actually sell it out of Alibi, a bar on Washington Blvd & Centinela. This was my first time eating Koji's and it was pretty good! I don't know if I'm addicted to it, but I have a feeling I'll be coming back soon.
I got the trio of tacos, which include steak, pork, and bbq chicken.

Nikki and I also had some amazing cocktails called lychee coolers, can't really beat this place for a Thursday night: great food & drinks at reasonable prices (the trio of tacos was only $7!), drinks are around $10 each.

P.S. Does anyone know if gray spelled with an "a" or "e"? Gray or grey? I just used "gray" with an "a" since May has an a. Lol.


  1. GREAT post!! I love your outfit and the tacos (not the cameltoe/taco...).

    Gray = Americanized
    Grey = if you're feeling European, lol.

  2. Gorgeous skirt and fabulous makeup!!

  3. Love what you did with the romper and had a good giggle about the CT, you even posted a pic! Hahaha! ;P
    And ohhhh my, korean bbq in a taco ???? first time I’ve heard of that but it looks oh so yummy!

  4. ok this outfit is superb! love grey (feelin euro), wear it all year round. love the shoes, love the skirt, love the makeup, love the taco trio!!! you get an A++ today my dear.

  5. speaking for gorgeous! you are extremely gorgeous! ah i love your freckles! =) following you as well!

    You know, i have the same question about the correct spelling for the color gray. i use it both ways because i too don't know the right spelling for it. lol

  6. I love your blog too! You have great style. Gonna follow you as well.


  7. go "grey", a lot more chic ahahhaah
    by the way , I have that skirt! I looked up the Z store but there's no shop online option :(

    have a great weekend!


  8. CUTE!
    I am currently looking for a romper and your story will be my inspiration to check on that while shopping for one!

  9. OK, so the outfit turned out really cute...I am DYING of laughter that you actually put a photo of a CT on your post! LOLOL

  10. You look steamy hot, love ur shoes n eye make up!

  11. Thanks so much for all of your support, sweety. I am so humbled! You look so classic in that outfit, and I just adore the shoes. Seriously hot! Classy and really sexy all at once.

  12. Looks like we are both into gray right now? The outfit is really cute and classy. I always forget about the "a/e" in gray too.

  13. you look very stylish. know what you mean about this may/june gloom in so. cal. depressing in the morning.

  14. Cute! Your romper story is freakin' funny! How did you like the Alibi room SOO much better than the Kogi truck huh?! :)

  15. cute! and that romper story made me laugh so hard. I definitely been moving towards s teps out of the black. have a great weekend my dear! xoxo

  16. what a sexy outfit - what great style!

  17. Great outfit and great story! I still haven't worn the romper I posted about yet!

  18. You are so gorg! Loved your post.. down to you posting a pic of the CT! HA! Um and your mom sounds like my mom when I wear too much makeup. I have yet to try Koji but everyone I know is Obsessed with it! Love your blog and style!

    xo, Becs

  19. You're sooo pretty!!! I totally feel your pain with romper CT. lol But you made it work! :-)

  20. you are so funny...and adorable! I adore this outfit and am in love with your hair!!! I just heard about Kojis random that you posted this.

    oh and I like to use grey, but both are correct:)

  21. LOVE this outfit! Very sexy secretary. =)

    I spell it "grey" b/c it seems more ~fancy~.

  22. also, your nickname is "pepper(oni)?" LOL! adorable.

  23. Hi! I just came across your blog and i LOVE IT! i was just wondering, where you get your eyeshadow from? i love the vibrant colors/metallics, and i need some like yours!

  24. Just recently stumbled on your blog. I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the title. Lol, "That girl is Hoisin," very clever!!

  25. ooh i love your look so much here!!! hair gorgeous, outfit gorgeous, shoes gorgeous!

    this post also makes me so hungry...


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