May 21, 2009

i thuong:

Trishiekoh has a great feature in which she names 5 things that made her happy that day, and you know what? That is a great exercise to do every once in awhile. I get so worked up in my everyday life, that it's sometimes hard to see the little joys in our lives. Here are my 5 for today:

1. I got to talk to Ryan and Christine all day
2. I held a conference call all by myself
3. I ate a Fuddruckers burger
4. I'm wearing flip flops to work
5. It's a 4-day weekend!

Okay, but on the flipside, there are also things that I'm stressing about, and why not list those too so I can figure out a way to tackle them?

1. I need to find a roommate within 2 weeks or I have to cough up her rent
2. My other stepsister is graduating and I don't think I can make it to her ceremony
3. I'm coming up blank on some creative ideas for a client that I need by end of day
4. I forgot to put toppings on my Fuddruckers burger so it was the plainest burger ever
5. I'm not doing a damn thing this 4-day weekend

So what are your 5 things you're happy about or love today (or 5 things you're stressed out about or not feeling)?


  1. Hello there! Thanks for the link back to my blog. Happy Fives are great, aren't they? I find it therapeutic...

    Haven't had time to try out the braids yet will do soon, and when i do, i'll let you know how it goes!

  2. Hey girl! A fellow advertiser in LA?! Love it! And we follow so many of the same blogs I keep seeing you so I thought I would say hi!

    I'm totally going to do the 5 things that make me happy! So needed!!

    I hope you have a fabulous long weekend! XO Liz

  3. Hmm 5 things that make me happy:
    1. Walking by the sea wall in the sunset
    2. Eating blueberry frozen yoghurt
    3. That I get to see a good friend this weekend I haven't seen in awhile
    4. Chrysanthemum tea
    5. My new dark denim cropper bomber jacket

    5 things stressing me out:
    1. the bf
    2. work
    3. finding time to do blog work (I write for 3!)
    4. my weight (I'm neurotic that way)
    5. my ex

  4. how fun! its great to find out more about fellow bloggettes. Did you watch the laker game tonight! i was pulling my hair out! enjoy doing nothing for 4 days girl! xoxoox

  5. Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute! I love your hair. It is the perfect length and looks so healthy and shiny. The color is gorgeous.

  6. conference calls make me want to dieee. maybe because our phone sucks and we can't understand anyone and they can't hear us. AWESOME.

    i am also wearing flip flops to work.

    and i'll totally post this on my own blog sometime soon. with my answers, not yours. plagiarism is not cool.

  7. I wore flip flops to work too. I love being casual!

  8. Hello there, I tried doing the side braids on the weekend, but it didn't look half as good on me than it did on you!!

    Anyway, I gave you an award!

  9. what a cute list (the good stuff:)


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