May 28, 2009

Blaze(r) of Glory

Uh oh...there I go again, another pun / play on words! Haha, gotta love them.

So I was browsing through the new J.Crew catalog, and even though I'm not in the market to buy anything right now, I love browsing through the latest styles and see if I can adapt my current clothes to their trends. I spotted a model wearing a blazer with a simple tee, destroyed, rolled-up jeans and heels, and voila! A new outfit that I wouldn't have thought of on my own, but already had all the pieces to!

F21 cotton tee ($5), J.Crew blazer from 2005, Hollister jeans, black belt from Ross.

I've been on the market for a nice blazer for awhile, until I looked in the back of my closet and saw an old blue pinstripe blazer I bought in 2005, when I graduated from college and entered the real world. A little treasure - who knew?

I paired this outfit with wedges, although I didn't particularly like how it looked. Maybe some open-toed heels would have worked better. These jeans are the same ones I've worn, just rolled them up for a different look. This is totally a work AND weekend look.

The J.Crew catalog also inspired my hair and make-up with messy buns, pinned-back bangs, and fresh & rosey make-up. All the models are fresh-faced, perfectly peachy.

Isn't it great when you can revitalize your current wardrobe with clothes you already have?


  1. Your messy bun looks cute! Mine always ends up looking eehhhh?

  2. My look of the day: 2 mosquito bites on my legs and 1 on my forehead. I accessorized it with blood-shot eyes from staying up late working on a project. Fashion-forward?

    I like your shirt. V-necks ftw!

  3. yes...its good to keep clothes around sometiems because they always come back in style down the road! haha! ;)

    i love your hair.. especially how you have your bangs slightly curled to the side! :)

  4. i love shopping in my closet. saves me a few dollars that's for sure. great look. love the jeans.

  5. I agree with you, sometimes we can pull off a great outfit with clothes we already have in our closet! and in this hard times is just perfect, we can save some money!

    i like your whole outfit!


  6. 26 is not too old to wear denim shorts..... plus u don't even look close to 26. and my mom who's in her mid-late 40s still wears denim shorts.. haha

  7. That was such a lovely blog post, Steph - thanks for sharing with us! It is always so interesting to learn about different people!!

    I love your blog by the way! I only just found it today via Maria's blog but it is wonderful and you are so pretty!


  8. very cute! I actually wore a very similar outfit last week that I am planning on posting this week....I am so inspired by the j.crew catalogues...the styling is just amazing

  9. Aren't you just the most stylish thing?! :)
    I use puns a lot too.


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