May 6, 2009

I finally cracked...

So first thing's first - this is my first blog posting...ever! Kind of exciting and cool. I'll make sure to take a lot more pictures in future postings.

So through everyone's hoopla over Twilight, and after millions of dollars in sales from everything from novels to movies to perfumes to dolls...I still couldn't get myself to read it. Even when my boss came in and forced me to read it because he was 3 books in and said it was amazing, I was still skeptical. Not sure why, considering if EVERYONE loves it so much, there HAS to be something good about it right? There was something about being associated with the cult-following of Twilight that I couldn't get into, I guess I didn't want to be associated with the fanatic tween girls. But here we go - I jumped in, both feet first, and bought my first Twilight novel yesterday. I'm 50-pages in, and so far, it's not too bad! I know it's setting things up, so I'll see how it goes. I'll keep you guys updated.

Also, yesterday was Cinco de Mayo, which means sombreros, tequila, and drunkeness for what everyone thinks is Mexico's Independence Day (me too). My coworkers and I went to Pink Taco in Century City in celebration during Happy Hour. Good times, except they were busy scoping out the hotties and I was left phoneless watching the Cavs game. At least they had great mojitos. Oh and a mariachi band made up of little people - who were clearly Irish. Next time I'll take pictures.


  1. Welcome to the blogosphere! I have just noticed a couple new features from blogger...damn, i need to update more often.

    HAha, your Twilight is my Harry Potter. Remember how much I made fun of it before i started reading it and got hooked?

    Oops, made this comment more about me!

  2. But did you end up liking Harry Potter? Because I'm addicted to Twilight right now!

  3. Of course I did! Although, I stopped reading after the 1st chapter of the 6th book because I was over it, haha.


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